Cyphers – 4 brand new characters coming for winter update

As winter arrives, it is not only a festive season but a good period as well for Nexon’s gamers in Korea. Anually, without fail, all the core Nexon titles will be getting some meaty new content. Cyphers is no exception, with the game performing well in the top 10 rankings of games in the country. 4 new characters will be introduced, each will be added over intervals of 2 weeks starting from December.

Collectively known as Nexon Winter Update 2012, the company also held a fan event to reveal the new winter 2012 content for Dungeon & Fighter, and also teased 2 possible new classes for MapleStory as well. Will Mabinogi and Mabinogi Heroes be getting any winter presents? The gamers will certainly hope so.