City of Heroes – SOS call sent to Disney Interactive

[Press Release] When NCsoft announced the closure of its North America studio, Paragon Studio, it was inevitable that City of Heroes will be following suit as well.

It happened, but the stunned players immediately formed a group and tried to make NCsoft change its mind, including a heartfelt petition attempt.

Now, the group of gamers have contacted Disney Interactive, in hope of the company picking up City of Heroes from NCsoft.

Disney Interactive Studios

The game servers is scheduled to close permanently on 30th November, which is just hours away. Personally, I felt that NCsoft could have done more to aid the gamers, rather than unceremoniously shutting down without any planned events, live meet-ups and stuff like this.

If Disney picks up City of Heroes, no doubt the Marvel franchise could benefit from it.

City of Heroes screenshot

I am not sure why, but it seems the bigger MMO companies can keep talking about serving the community and stuff like that, but when things turn “sour”, all these words are voided. Toast to this group of gamers, and hope Disney consider the proposal.

NCsoft should really be glad the game has such a fan base, and it is truly their loss from the gamers’ point of view. Of course, everything is about good business and higher profits now (City of Heroes was still earning, perhaps not enough).

City of Heroes