ArcheAge – Gameplay demo from the annual event

As all of you should know by now, ArcheAge China will only enter its first test phase in May next year, welcomed by the wrath and agony of the China gamers of course. But still, ArcheAge had several demo stations and some guild PvP contests at Tencent Games Festival 2012, and that is where the footage below came from.

Do note that the processes of building houses and acquiring ships are not as easy as they seem in the video… It is definitely a lot tougher in the actual game.


I also found this video below for ArcheAge China, and if my poor memory serves me right, this is the first time I have seen this (Update: This is from March earlier this year).

But no matter, even if you can’t understand the language, the video shows how players can “change the world” through the various game features, including housing, farming, rearing cattle, changing of classes by just adjusting talent points, castle siege and more.

Damn impressive stuff. You can see my footage of the Korean Closed Beta 4 here (Korean server ended at Closed Beta 5).


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