300 Heroes – Manga, Disney and more reports for war

As I teased on my Facebook page a couple of days back, I was playing in the Alpha phase of a new China-developed MOBA, where manga characters such as Luffy, Usopp, Ultraman, Saber and even Disney ones such as Wall-E and Dreamworks’ Shrek are playable characters.


The game is call 300 Heroes, and it is still in its Alpha phase with the servers only opening for 2 hours each day. There are also self-designed characters, from Three Kingdoms and various other places.


300 Heroes, having only 10 Vs 10 modes (no 5 Vs 5) currently, plays similar as League of Legends and Dota 2, but there is an “unique” game mode available. The normal mode is call Eternal Arena, while the special mode is call Eternal Battlefield. In Eternal Battlefield, there are no vendors selling equipment, and all items are to be bought via the cash shop, even potions.


Gears bought will be permanent though, with various cash items to upgrade and socket them, just like in a MMO. Players can enter and leave any time as well in the Eternal Battlefield mode. Another currency is earned from this mode (different from Eternal Arena), which can be spent in the cash shop as well (special section for this currency).


While many are prepared to curse the game to death, which part of me is doing, I love the various characters available, with more to come (where is my Son Goku?!). There is not much innovation with the skills as well, and you can see Luffy’s first skill similar to Blitzcrank’s (League of Legends). Yes, some of the characters are just re-skinned, but hey, the game is free, who am I to complain?



  1. Um… This isn’t a “new game”. That map and all the champions and minions are just reskins of League of Legends. So, yeah. They skinned some champions with stolen Disney properties and made a 10v10 mode. What the fuck.

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