Scarlet Blade – Korean adult MMORPG gets a new name

[Register now] As announced last month, Queen’s Blade Online, an adult MMORPG in Korea, is coming to the Western market via Aeria Games. The game has now been officially been re-branded as Scarlet Blade, where there are still no male characters (yes, everyone must play as female characters). Are you ready for bewbs?



  1. Wasn’t this MMO supposed to be based on the Anime in the first place?

    Or am I totally off base here?

    Anyway, yea, this looks like any other generic crap offered on the market today. Pass.

    • It wasn’t supposed to be based on the anime, it just had the same name. The name isn’t copyrighted in Korea.

  2. Why i´m not Suprised that Aeria Fail Games , keep pushing out new Games every months, yet they can´t even take care of those game they have….totally retarded….

  3. Does anyone know the rating for this game yet? Hope it’s not censored or some stupid T-rating.

    And for all the DUDES out there complaining about boobs/butts/girls only. Stop being 1954 boogie men. It’s 2012.

    Grow up! Even super-woman started out as a female-only type character on a female island.

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