Ironsight – Closed Beta date announced for futuristic sci-fi online shooter

[Closed Beta signup] Aeria Games and Gamigo (they are now both the same company after merging) recently announced that the Closed Beta phase for their Free-to-Play sci-fi online shooter, Ironsight, will start on 14 November. Developed by Korean studio Wiple Games using the in-house Iron Engine, Ironsight is designed to be a new breed of first-person online shooter featuring dynamic online action, intense gameplay and spectacular graphics.

Ironsight is set in a dystopia 2025, where warring factions, the North American Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN), are engaged in futuristic warfare in a bitter struggle for ownership of the last remaining natural resources on earth. Attack drones and controllable mechs play a pivotal role in battles and can help turn the tides of victory. Players can utilize these mechanized war machines to issue direct firepower or provide strategic information on the battlefield, reinforcing tactical team play.

Ironsight Founder’s Pack pre-orders are also available starting today, granting immediate access to Closed Beta from day one! Three available packs —the Soldier’s Pack, Sergeant’s Pack and General’s Pack — additionally reward players with exclusive skins, XP boosters, cosmetics, characters, emotes and weapons. Founder’s Packs start at $19.99 USD.