Marvel Heroes – New gameplay footage and more information

GameSpot has a new gameplay walk-through for Gazillion Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG, Marvel Heroes, and while I am intrigued and curious about how the game actually plays, almost everything else still kind of pisses me off.

Chatting with my colleagues while we looked through this video, we can’t help but to wonder why the superheroes like Iron Man can’t fly up buildings, and while can’t heroes like Wolverine climb up one.


The game would be much better if it is a proper full 3D one, with aimed combat. Marvel did not agree with players creating custom heroes, that is cool, but seeing Iron Man walking more than flying is still making me an angry audience.

I still think DC Universe Online, now Free to Play, offers the best combat and superhero experience. Well, hopefully I have a change of heart once the game, now in Closed Beta, is available to the wider audience.

Marvel Heroes screenshot