[G*Star 2012] Hangame reveals lineup for the show

Hangame, the MMO portal for NHN Corporation, revealed its G*Star 2012 participating titles earlier today. The core focus will be on 4 games, but of course the majority of our eyes will be on Dungeon Striker and Asta: The War of Tears and Winds. Dungeon Striker should be a familiar sight, but what about Asta?

Hangame booth

Developed using CryEngine 3, the game was once touted as “World of Warcraft of the East”, and hopefully that tagline has been removed from any speeches at the show. Little is known about the game after going into stealth mode for almost a year now, and hopefully it is more than what World of Warcraft has to offer.

Hangame lineup

And yes, if you noticed, the 2 mysterious games are smartphone titles, which leaves Project R1 missing from the official lineup. The last news I got for Project R1 was a job hiring for the game back in July. Is developer IMC Games holding it till next year?

Project R1 screenshot