TERA – Servers merging into 3 with no F2P in sight

In a wave where online games are switching to Free to Play mode, there are still 3 defiant games which insist on monthly fees will lead to success eventually. I am of course talking about Final Fantasy XIV, TERA and The Secret World. TERA announced a major server merge into 3 on 18th September, while admitting there is a severe issue of getting enough players for activities in the current setup.

While I am not a fan of TERA’s marketing gimmick of “true action combat” since you can’t jump and move while attacking, I feel that they are waiting on major games such as The Old Republic to enter F2P first, before announcing their own plans for the conversion.

If I am wrong and En Masse Entertainment insists P2P is the way to go, I sincerely hope the management team have a major reshuffle as well. Heck, the Korean server now as a permanent F2P server with just a level cap restriction, I can foresee the model working somehow with a cash item shop. Thanks to Orestes for the heads up.