LuniaZ – Nexon announces server closing next month

At the end of last month, the Korean publisher for LuniaZ, Nexon, announced the game’s upcoming closure in October. Accompanying the announcement was a notice about the upcoming Global Server should they want to start anew their adventures. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as developer All-M is on full force with its upcoming action MMO, Kritika, which was signed for mega dollars to China’s Tencent Games, along with the Korean and Japanese servers.
Update: More information here on the upcoming Global Server where everyone from everywhere will be playing together.


  1. These titles would have been kind of fun if they werent so grindy. The goal was to produce a game with an unlimited gameplay life by reducing the speed of progression and increasing the amount of a time a player must run the same content. The result is that large segment of the consumer population dont then even dare to try.

    If a game were to close down, couldnt they try to add the files and content over to some new flagship game in the form of some kind of side quest, bonus game, or mini experience without all of the grind? Like step through a portal and get bonus rewards for playing through a game that was made in 2007.

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