Blade & Soul – Bloody Shark Harbor features sexy wrestling lady bosses

I am amazed at how Blade & Soul is progressing so far, with the 2nd major content update since its June launch officially know as “Bloody Shark Harbor”. I have covered a little bit of the content update in my previous post, but man, those 2 boss ladies are sure saucy (it seems players may obtain the costume as well)… I see several wrestling moves as well, and it is awesome to know perhaps 1 of the designers is supposed a wrestling fan like me.


The new unnamed class for the October update is still not teased, and the speculation is still the Gunner, while others have said an Archer is probable. In the 44~45 seconds of the trailer, it seems there are 2 characters shooting with hand crossbows. Do note that in previous a previous boss fight, there are rifles for players to pick up as well, so this is still not confirmed as the Archer class.

Blade & Soul Bloody Shark Harbor screenshot

For the full image gallery, head on to my Facebook album. A very special thanks to Calixto for messaging me via Facebook with this information.

Blade & Soul Bloody Shark Harbor poster


  1. The art style choice is pretty good. The Martial Art lore is nice. A bit anime-ish but well executed with all the light and shade effects. Damn shame its on the unreal engine, But all in all, Koreans really do have some nice creative concepts. You can see console influence from games like Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive. But executed to fit in a full 3d MMO rather than just a 3d side scrolling fighting game.

  2. Hi, i’m kindda new on your site, but i’m a mmo lover, so this is the best site for me. I have a question about this game. Is it available on english or only korean? Is any EU/US server available ? Thanks, and good job for this site

    • No Western server announced, so far only Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan was announced. Korea is now in commercial release.

  3. Those latex-ladies remind me a bit of succubus from vindictus. Same “ground-kiss” stuff, thanks to ue3 even sexier movement and animations…

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