Hounds – Alien zombie co-op coming to English shores

Well well, it seems CJ E&M, the Korean HQ for their online games department, is taking the English market rather seriously. You see, under their current Netmarble English portal, there is just 1 game, Uncharted Waters Online. Hounds is scheduled for 2014, and it is a co-op alien zombie shooter (with PvP as well).


You may have read about Hounds from my previous posts straight from Korea. Here’s a little more background story of the game from the official press release. You (the players) are a Hound, an elite fighting force sent to protect humanity from the agents of demise. The world is threatened by a path of disaster and it’s up to you, to grab your gun and clear that path and preserve the last remnants of mankind.

Hounds introduces a dynamic mix of genres, blending the action-packed explosiveness of a shooter, paired with the immersive flavor of a role- playing game, set in a massively multiplayer world. Hounds offers five different game play modes where survival is a crucial task of skill and intelligence.

Play solo or with friends in various game modes: Single Player, CO-OP multiplayer, PvE v PvE Scenarios, PvP Battlegrounds and Boss Raids. Hounds does it all!

Specialized guild housing for members to assemble and mastermind combat strategies or just hang out with friends.

Each City has 10 missions and five areas. Conquer these areas and progress as the savior of the world, one town at a time.

CJ Game Labs’ proprietary game engine gives Hounds a unique style with striking visuals and smooth gameplay.

Hounds poster