Dragon Sword – Highly rated by Korean media

After the a couple of game footage (seen below) were shown, a group of gamers were talking about how similar certain moves were to Blade & Soul’s among various details. However, 1 of Korea’s biggest game website, ThisIsGame, has gone on to praise how Dragon Sword is actually different, and perhaps even better. ThisIsGame did have onsite reporters over at ChinaJoy 2012, hence I personally deem this article 100% legit.

This particular paragraph (seen below) noted that compared with Blade & Soul, Dragon Sword’s graphics is considered excellent, with details for the characters and background taken into deep consideration. Combat and interaction is very “clean”, which I guess means there ain’t many unnecessary stuff such as over-the-top effects.


The demo also demonstrated a grand storyline, with the aesthetic flavors of China a prominent point. Just based on the graphics, Dragon Sword can be said to be China’s best developed MMORPG so far.

Also, the article touched about something which I am personally very picky about nowadays, combat. While Blade & Soul focuses more on tactical combat (knockdown, grapple, air combo etc etc) which can be quite messy, combat in Dragon Sword presents a non-fussy option.

ThisIsGame article

There is still active dodge (and block iirc), but it is all about straightforward and smooth combat. I am digging this, tactical combat was never my thing, seen in Age of Wulin as well.

Although the article sported some bugs and animation problems, it is overall very positive about Dragon Sword’s prospects and at some context, represents the advancement in MMORPG development in China.

According to 1 of the Korean reader’s comments, only NCsoft and Nexon currently are able to develop games to compete with Dragon Sword. This is mainly due to the various restrictions the Korean government has placed on the gaming industry.



  1. this game has one of the most advanced combat systems out there. not only is it targetless, but it incorporates a muscular/skeletal system for the body physics — with more than 30,000 basic move/position combinations, it is a modelled system with generated combat, rather than a strictly choreographed (and repetitious) selection of replayable moves. I cant wait for it to be released!

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