Call of Duty Online – Hint of launch beyond China

About a month ago, Call of Duty Online was finally revealed and announced as an “exclusive” for the China market, with the country’s biggest operator Tencent Games snagging the publishing rights.

A mix-and-mash of various Call of Duty games, the online version seems like the perfect heaven for the franchise’s fans. While a group of English fans are loathing how China get to player the game for free, it seems Activision Blizzard might be turning a slow U-turn on this stance. Enter the Q2 2012 Financial Report Q&A.

Call of Duty Online call

Eric Hirshberg is the CEO of Activision, and no doubt his words will be closely scrutinized. Call of Duty Online for English launch? It might not be near, but I am guessing we will be getting there, eventually.