WildStar – New trailer reveals early game mechanics

[Game website] Blockbuster news from the Asian industry seems to be slowing down as the 3 major shows, ChinaJoy 2012 and G*Star 2012, are just around the corner. With companies keeping their cards for the moment, it is time to switch focus to some English-developed titles, and in this post, we have NCsoft’s upcoming sci-fi MMO, WildStar. Take a look at the latest trailer below, packed with in-game footage and some mechanics found during early gameplay.

I am still not sure if normal combat will be as “action-y” as some of the skill castings seen, but I am willing to give the game a chance. The sci-fi theme is still fresh in my mind, as I just finished watching the latest Green Lantern animated series. Hopefully, WildStar will not turn out as “World of Warcraft in space”.