Queen’s Blade Online – New features trailer

[More info] First and foremost, if you have not read about Queen’s Blade Online (or Queens Blade Online), this game has got nothing to do with the Japanese anime at all. Developed by Korean studio Liveplex (Dragona), the game’s name will change due to copyright issues if published overseas. The trailer below was just released prior to the upcoming Closed Beta 3 test.

While there are still males in the anime, this Korean MMO will only have female characters available for selection. Yeap, no males at all. There are currently no announcements for overseas servers, and I am not really sure if governments such as China will allow Queen’s Blade Online through without some decent coverups, seeing the game is strictly for verified teens in Korea… Below are 2 shots of the game’s spokesperson, Chinese model 艾尚真 (Ai Shang Zhen).