The Elder Scrolls Online – “New” combat system

[Source] Truth to be told, I am actually still more of a gamer (despite slowing down) more than a professional, strict and serious writer/ journalist. Whenever a series or franchise gets torn apart by egos (hint: Diablo III) or developers trying to fool gamers, that is the time when I am usually quite outspoken about my views. In the latest interview by Kotaku, the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online has this to say:

Like our whole real-time combat system of blocking and dodging is all pretty much new. And the fact that it’s based on health, stamina and magicka—you have to maintain your stamina bar to block and it’s all real-time—gives it a completely different feel from any MMO.

First of all, real-time combat does not equate to action combat. I don’t even see a need to advertise this like it is a whole new concept. Active blocking and dodging are in various Free to Play MMOs since 2 years ago, I am sure even the casual MMO players know about that. By the way, the Kotaku article almost seems like the writer is being kind of sarcastic right from the top picture…