G*Star 2012 – Exhibition dates confirmed

The biggest online gaming event in the world, G*Star, will be held from 8th November till the 11th later this year. And yes, it is still located at Busan, South Korea, and still the biggest gaming event there is Asia has to offer. MMO companies from all over the world, be it the Americas, Europe, China, Taiwan or Southeast Asia, will be showcasing their latest games there. Not forgetting the homegrown giants such as NCsoft, Nexon and many more with secret announcements to make.

I have had some ideas what new games are going to be announced, but since there are still a couple of months away, schedules are subjected to change. Some games I am expecting are The King of Fighters Online, Samurai Showdown Online, more information on MU 2, Lineage Eternal, Mabinogi 2 and MapleStory 2. What games are on your watch list?