Diablo III (KR) – Government raided Blizzard offices

[Source] Basically, the Asian server for Diablo III is located in South Korea, accommodating for regions such as Taiwan as well. However, due to the enormous amount of traffic, the bandwidth hit its maximum, with thousands of gamers from both countries unable to log in. This caused many, and I do mean many, unhappy customers asking for a refund from Blizzard. Of course, Blizzard refused.

Now, the Korean government has officially stepped in after the complaints escalated beyond control, which led to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) “raided the firm’s Seoul office Monday and secured related documents and other evidence with which it will determine whether Blizzard broke the law.” Although Blizzard announced that the capacity for the Asian server will be increased by 35%, frequent server down-times also led to a separate outcry for refunds to be made.

Personally, I am in the process of seeking a refund for my digital copy (Americas server), bought straight from Blizzard. Reasons which I provided include the unstable server, latency, server down time right after work hours, auction house down times and a couple more. I do not suppose explaining that the game mechanics sucks will aid my cause. Once again, DO NOT BUY DIABLO III, but I “might” be back for the expansion.