Glory Destiny Online (TW) – New Hunter class announced

[English server] While the English server just went into Open Beta recently, the original Taiwan server announced major new content earlier today. Introducing the all new Hunter class for Spirit Tales (also known as Glory Destiny Online), which will be exclusive to the Gold Kirin Tribe. I am guessing new classes will be added subsequently to the other tribes as well.

Similar to the other classes, there are 2 advancements for the Hunter to choose from. Loosely translated, the Phoenix Sniper concentrates on pure damage, while the other focus on party buffs (sort of like a Bard). The Hunter class will offset the lack of ranged damage in the initial 2 classes of the Gold Kirin Tribe.

I played the Taiwan server a while back (link) and also the Media Preview client of Spirit Tales (link), and I must say the game really attracted me, despite the haters of cutesy designs condemning it without playing.