Diablo III – My Witch Doctor build

How many of you are playing Diablo III? Well, I sure am for the past few days since launch, having hit the level cap a few hours ago. I am just halfway through Hell mode, and seeing that I will be busy from next week onwards at work, Inferno mode will just have to wait. Let’s talk briefly about my Witch Doctor build, the rarely seen “summoner build” at higher levels.

One of the new classes in Diablo III, Witch Doctor is the spiritual reincarnation of Diablo II’s Necromancer, but then again both have very different skill sets. One of the major complains about Witch Doctor is about the summoner build, especially Zombie Dogs, which are basically 1 hit-KO in Hell mode of the game. Well, my dogs certainly are not getting crushed.

The thing is, for the dogs to work properly in Hell mode, Witch Doctors MUST go into a mass life regeneration + thorns build. This is essentially making full use of the passive skill, Fierce Loyalty. With 950 life restored every second, my summons survive really well in Hell mode, minus those bosses such as Belia’s poison slams (die within a few hits). Merging the Burning Dogs rune with thorns (physical damage dealt to melee attackers), they are dealing high damage as well.

That’s all for a very short introduction. As you can see in those stats posted above, I am geared towards massive resistance as well, hopefully which will play their part in helping me survive the upcoming Inferno mode. Now, I am wondering what new content Blizzard will have for the upcoming expansion/s…