Ragnarok Online II – Off to a rough start

According to foreign reports and the official game website, it seems Ragnarok II once again is facing a rather old-school technical error on revival launch day. Other than the usual server lagging due to overpopulation, channels going down (happened just an hour ago) and the rather primitive web page launcher (I know it is for security reasons, but still ~.~), the game was closed for 5 hours to solve an item duping bug. And add in a few server checks which lasts around 10 minutes here and there.

Yes, you read it right, players were taking advantage of the auction house’s coding error to duplicate items in the game. The auction house has since been taken down after the 5 hours maintenance until further notice. It has been ages since I actually heard of this loophole happening in online games in recent years. Either the companies covered those incidents well or Gravity Games has yet to learn from past mistakes about game stability. Credits to Gravity Games though, for being honest about the incident and giving some form of compensation to the affected players.