F2: Floating Fortress – Brief player kill (PK) info

I can see that the FlyFF community has been stirred by this new game from gPotato (or Gala Net), which is hailed as FlyFF’s sequel although it is not directly “FlyFF 2”. Aion on a budget? Well, each to his own, I am sure F2: Floating Fortress will get its own fans. After scouring the Korean websites for more information, here is an info which I found today courtesy of Inven Korea with regards to the PK system.

In F2: Floating Fortress, Player Kill (PK) is open world, which means you can kill anyone almost anywhere in the open maps. There is no mention of a specific level to start PK or a PvE server though. Similar to NCsoft’s Lineage, killed players will lose experience points (EXP) and might drop a random item.

At level 16, players will be able to get a Spirit upon completing a quest. Spirits are separated into 4 different different attributes according to their colors, as well as separated into Battle Spirit or Flying Spirit. While Battle Spirit will fight with the player, Flying Spirit can be fused and transform into wings for, duh, flying. PK can happen as well while flying in the skies, which will make the guild castle siege more fun. The game will go into its first Closed Beta this coming Wednesday (Korean time).