[G*Star 2011] Ghosts ‘n Goblins Online

Someone told me it is Ghouls’n Ghosts Online, but since the original name, 魔界村, is used as the game’s title, I decided to stick with the original English name as well. Ghosts’n Goblins Online is one of CJ E&M’s hit title at G*Star 2011, and garnered much attention since announced at G*star 2010. Below are some details about the gameplay.

For the 3 basic classes, Knight, Archer and Conjurer, there will be class advancements, although not stated at which level. The Knight can choose between a Warrior or Templar, Archer choosing between Tracker and Fetcher while the Conjurer can choose between the Dark Mage or Astral Mage. Do note that these are tentative names for now.

If you played the console versions of the Ghosts’n Goblins franchise, one of the standout features would be the dropping of armor by Sir Arthur. In the online version, the same rule applies.

If the armor characters wear gets too damaged, they may become unusable during an instance run leaving players with little defense. Once dead, players may choose to exit the instance or pay 100Lit to continue. Lit is the current term for the in-game money.

The game’s Closed Beta phase in Korea was just recently announced (link), and it will no doubt cause players to pull out some hair with its difficulty. Or you can dress up like the naked Sir Arthur below and be spared the mental torture.