Power Rangers Online – Game trailer debuts

Don’t ask me why is Tensou Sentai Goseiger at the official press conference. I really have no idea… Power Rangers Online, announced by Korean developer Ntreev a few weeks earlier, released the game’s very first trailer earlier today. As mentioned, it will be a 3D side-scroller action MMORPG, with much of the details staying true to the original Magi Rangers (or Mystic Force) season including the monster designs.

Each of the Rangers will have different skills to utilize as players blast their way to conquer the evil monsters threatening Earth’s peace.

The first Closed Beta, from 3 Nov to 9 Nov, will be only opened to 5000 lucky testers. Content will include access to the Red, Pink and Yellow Rangers, level cap at 20 with 2 main areas (each with 7 levels) and 14 bosses. Will there be more Rangers added in the future? Or will the 3 special Rangers just be NPCs? Well, nothing is set in stone now, but these artwork will definitely keep players in suspense.