[G*Star 2011 Preview] Yulgang 2 – Demo details revealed

Earlier this month, I posted about Yulgang 2 entering its very first Closed Beta in Korea on 2nd December. Mgame, the publisher, will be showcasing the game at G*Star 2011 as well.

Currently, there is no visual confirmation on what the actual game looks like. At the event, 3 classes will be available in the demo with the content about exploring and clearing a dungeon.


This is normal PR stuff, but Mgame boasts Yulgang 2 to have a smooth chain combo feature for combat as well as elements of martial arts, including Qinggong (walk on water, scaling walls etc). The dungeons will not be killing mobs all the way, as players will have to use these skills to cross different terrains and obstacles.

The 3 new artwork below depicts 3 of the classes found (warrior, archer, healer), each drawn according to a main character found in the Yulgang novel where the game spawned from.

Yulgang 2 Yulgang 2 Yulgang 2