Yulgang 2 – Aiming to shine at G*Star 2011

Every since Yulgang 2 was last seen at G*Star 2010, little has been heard about the game. Well, fret not, as development of the sequel is still on-going within KRG Soft (under Mgame) aiming to steal whatever spotlight they can for this title. How is this going to be achieved? Well, by having lots of playable demo booths available of course!

According to Mgame’s plans for G*Star 2011, Mgame has rented space equivalent to 60 units of exhibition booths, with much of the space allocated to showcase Yulgang 2 to the public.

Back at the Business to Business (B2B) section, 12 units of space are booked with the intention of attracting foreign game publishers for possible business partnerships. Which gaming companies will clinch the English rights for Yulgang 2?