Power Rangers Online – New online game officially announced

Well, after Crayon Shin-chan, Dragon Ball and Digimon were made into online games, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore as more Japanese franchise are made into MMOs. Next up on the line will be Power Rangers Online, which is long overdue in my own opinion. Toei, the Japanese company with the Power Rangers rights, will be teaming up with Korean studios Daewon Media (of Crayon Shin-chan Online), Ntreev (Trickster Online) and Ironnos to develop the game.

According to the article, the Mystic Force series has been popular in Korea ever since it started airing in 2006. Power Rangers Online will be a side-scroller MMO, where players can expect a variety of transformation skills, monsters found in the original series and more. As you can see from the picture above, the game is expected to be based primarily on the Power Rangers Mystic Force season. The game is targeted at everyone and is expected to announce a Closed Beta date before the year ends.