Wizardry Online – A brief walkthrough Part 2

(Source) Yeap, there is a Part 2 for this brief walkthrough of Wizardry Online. The main reason being me not wanting to cluster all the screenshots into 1 single post. Separating them into 2 will give me more post counts as well… Jokes aside, here is the continuation for Wizardry Online, currently sending fear through gamers’ spine due to it permanent death system. Once again, this is translated online based on the original article posted on Japanese gaming website, 4Gamer.

↑ Rampaging through a skeleton on the ground…


↑ … gives a chance for player to get some helpful items. In this case, a half-portion map of the dungeon.


↑ There will be many traps as players advanced. In this case, fire traps players have to dodge.


↑ As hard as the tester tried, but he eventually ran into one of the tougher mobs around…


↑ And died. This time, he failed to resurrect at level 2. Apparently this is just for the test version. I can’t imagine how players will feel if the failure rate to revive starts to get tough at this level in the live servers…


↑ Back to the character selection screen, only the information of the dead character can be seen.


↑ Players will have to manually delete characters which failed at reviving (meaning permanent death).


↑ A rather “fun” feature. PKers will be sent to this prison facility if caught in town by the NPC guards. Normal players may pay the guards to visit this prison. Once inside, players may activate the switch show above to trigger an explosion inside the holding cell. This does damage to the PKers and might kill them too. No specific mention on how this feature will be balanced.