Wizardry Online – A brief walkthrough Part 1

(Source) I am sure by now most of the people visiting my blog would have heard of Wizardry Online developed by Gamepot Japan. It was also on show earlier at E3 2011 with a really neat press conference. Top Japanese gaming website 4Gamer was given a sneak preview just before its next test phase starts later and here is a brief walkthrough of the game. The text is translated online, not by me (I just improvise the words for better understanding).

↑ Race selection screen. As you can see, most races are crossed out and unavailable for this test phase. I am skipping the customization phase as there is nothing to be wowed about.


↑ After choosing a class (Warrior here), there will be 3 different stat builds to choose from.


↑ The first glimpse of town. I shall be skipping the tutorial quests and head straight to the dungeon.


↑ Entering the very first dungeon in Wizardry Online.


↑ And the very first death. Rofl.


↑ The dreaded permanent death system. Luckily, the force is strong (pun intended) and being a newbie entitles players to 100% revival chance. But the rate will drop as the character gains levels.


↑ Can you see the glow at the far-end corridor? It might be a trap for all you know.


↑ There are recovery fountains in the dungeons. Pretty much like Diablo 2.


↑ A shallow drain. If the drain is any deeper, players might suffer damage if they fall below. Or death if it is located at a higher position in advanced dungeons.


↑ There will be pedestals like this to give players hints.


↑ Pressing the “F” key will allow players to open closed doors. But be prepared on what kind of horror is hiding behind…