The Weekend Journal

Phew, what a week it has been for me. I finally set up a Facebook page for this blog after 2 whole years! For those who are wondering why in the world did I set up a Facebook page, it is really simple. Some news are too short to have an actual post here, while some videos are too short to be placed on my YouTube channel. Facebook will be the perfect platform for me to post miscellaneous news, hence there will be come content unique there! Please click on the “Like” button and many thanks!

It seem like many people are still remembering they fun they in Ragnarok Online. Although the game is still around, I am sure most of us are feeling the game going the “wrong” direction one way or another. The announcement of Project R1 seemed to light up many players’ eyes and capture much attention. I used to play in the SEA server of Ragnarok Online as well, having quite a few capped characters (Champion is my all time fave) myself. While Project R1 is not a direct sequel of Ragnarok Online, I am really excited to see what other features will the game offer. Mr Hakkyu Kim, don’t disappoint us since you are back to your roots!

A personal note, I have left my position from my now previous MMO publisher. The company was great in aiding me to know how the industry works and how games are being managed, but being the ambitious person I am, I had to look and move forward. I made quite a number of good friends there, including the players, and some of us are in contact with each other, which I am really happy about.Even though my upcoming position within the industry pays me around the same amount, I am given a higher platform to display my game managing and community skills and hopefully show my new superiors what I can do. Getting a high-pay job can wait (but not too long though), but it is definitely important to have actual successes and results first.

I am still on course to graduate from my media management course in November! My previous assignment was done at the last minute, but I still manage to get a Distinction for it… I am speechless. I should really stop working so hard for assignments and leave them all to the final day and use my hidden genius talent to rush them through. Finally, I am giving a serious thought to selling 2 ad spaces on my blog. I am still at odds with myself, but will only seriously think about it when a decent proposal is sent to me 🙂 That’s all folks, have a good week ahead!