Gamepot Japan brewing Wizardry Online

Any of you older gamers played Wizardry back in the days? I have not, but I was told that the game’s popularity was on par with that of Dungeons and Dragons’ as single player RPGs in the 1980s. The last game developed by the original creators was in 2001 before the rights were sold to a Japanese company. More sequels were made for multiple gaming platforms, but the popularity wasn’t as strong as before. Gamepot Japan, a MMO developer and publisher, happens to be one of the buyer’s companies as well.

Basically, Wizardry Online is based on players exploring huge labyrinths which are filled with monsters and traps of all varieties. There will be puzzles to solve and obstacles to cross as well, with players facing instant death if dropped from a much higher place. Combat is said to have included an active dodge and block system. A Player Kill (PK) system will be in place as well, with players who are wandering around in the same labyrinth able to slay each other. Not everything is bad, there are treasure chests to be found as well!

Unfortunately, the game will only available in Japan for now, with a special Stress Test Beta on 28th and 29th May before going into Closed Beta in June with 20,000 slots available. Will the game see an English release? The last I know, Gamepot USA is not doing that well with a fee MMOs canceled already, currently only having Mir 2 as its sole title.