Project R1 – New title from Grandao Espada developer

IMC Games, known globally for its maiden title, Granado Espada (or Sword of the New World), has announced that the developer has join NHN has one of its subsidiary studio and is currently working on a game codename as Project R1. Started by former lead developer of Gravity’s Ragnarok Online, Mr Hakkyu Kim (below) was also known as the “founding father” of Ragnarok Online. This is yet another major coup for NHN, which is also the publisher for TERA Korea.

Granado Espada

Business wise, there are still some details which need to be ironed out, as NHN’s rival, Hanbitsoft, currently owns 40% of IMC Games’ stock. More talks are expected in the coming period. More information on Project R1 will be revealed at a conference scheduled later in May.

Hakkyu Kim