Aeria Games reveal Eden Eternal

To be honest, I was shocked when the good people at OnRPG first posted this game up. Being the nosy me, I decided to quickly scour for the game’s developer and hence the original server. At first, there is not much I can find since there is only a CG trailer and a translated game title. But going through some of the developers Aeria Games worked with, it wasn’t long before finding all the information for this brand new title. Enter Eden Eternal, developed by Taiwanese studio X-Legend, also the maker of some of Aeria Games’ other titles including Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga. The studio also developed Holy Beast Online.

Update: A preview can be seen in this new blog post, with videos of me testing the Taiwanese version.

Update: Check out the new Frog race here !!!

As you can see from the picture below found at the teaser website, there are some interesting features found in the game, including the class system and land feature. There are quite a number of social features, including the name card system with personal information (gender, address etc) where other players can get to know each other better.

There will also be a couple system to boot, with the usual achievement and character title feature. The epic storyline will also feature 8 unique races, which can be seen below. Players may also choose to create races different from the Human, but so far in the Taiwanese server I have only seen the Human and Rat races released.

Update: The 2nd image shows the Hamster race, not Rat or Beaver. I apologize for the mix-up.

As stated above, players can switch between 15 classes anytime. So what are the 15 available classes? Well, here they are, with names not confirmed as they are translated by me. And yes, the Dancer seem is represented by a male art… Don’t worry, both gender is open to all classes. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. For example, you can start off as a Warrior, but in order to unlock the Knight, your character’s base level must be 25 and Warrior at level 20. I am not sure how this system works, but it is as it is. To unlock the Paladin, Character’s base level must be 60, Knight 55 and Bishop 55 as well. All the classes are part of an interlinked job advancement system. Not all classes will be available at launch. I also expect some fans to start compiling the class chart soon lol.

I don’t think I will be giving the game a spin, as time is really tight with several university assignments on hand. But since the English server is being teased already, I shall not post too much information… or did I already O_o The teaser website can be found here.