Some changes to the blog

Hello folks, it may seem like I was missing-in-action over the past few days, but I was actually busy setting up and coding the blog’s new layout with an expert. Many thanks to Anshul Dudeja, who was really helpful in getting most of the HTML codes fixed. With the new layout, I hope that things are once again simplified and the whole blog will look even neater compared to the previous template. Work will still be going on on this blog for some minor touching up over the next few days, so do bear with me if the blog goes down frequently. It means I am working on it 😀

Once again, many thanks for visiting this small blog and I will continue to post interesting news whenever I have the time!

P.S: For the Forsaken World fans, I will have to delay the translation of the talent trees to sometime next week. I am really short on time nowadays and I hope you folks will understand!

Thank you.

Possibly the busiest guy on earth now,

cinderboy (Robert)