Lime Odyssey – Publishers for Asia region revealed

Lime Odyssey, developed by Korean studio Sirius Entertainment, has just announced and confirmed the publishing rights for several Asian territories. If you do not know, Sirius Entertainment contains several key members from Gravity Interactive who worked on Ragnarok 1 and 2.

Lime Odyssey - Hong Kong server

Ever since the big failure of Ragnarok Online 2′s initial launch, Korean gamers have been touting Lime Odyssey as the “real” Ragnarok Online 2. Back on to topic. here is the current list of confirmed publishing rights for the Asian region:

1. Hong Kong – Game Cyber
2. Japan – GameOn
3. Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia – Confirmed but no publisher revealed

From the list, it looks like the 3 South East Asia countries will be getting the first English server of the game. Both the Japanese and Hong Kong (Traditional Chinese version) servers are expected to be launched in 2011. More updates about the game, there will be apparently be a new Farm System.

Lime Odyssey farm system

From the looks of it, it will be a rather in-depth social feature for the game! Sirius Entertainment has also confirmed a Card System being developed, improved from the one found in the original Ragnarok Online.

Lime Odyssey screenshot