CJ Internet reveals Bloody Hunter

Just yesterday, Korean MMO giant, CJ Internet, announced their new game to hit the market. The MMO is titled Bloody Hunter and is developed by Wicket Studio. As you can decipher from the game’s name, Bloody Hunter will include much blood and gore effects throughout the playing experience and it is touted as a “hardcore MMO”. CJ Internet declared that the speed of progress in Bloody Hunter will be 4times faster compared to other MMOs. The characters’ actions when attacking will also be more violent and cruel compared to other action MMOs out in the market.

Pretty much like Outspark’s Divine Soul, there will be an initial 3 characters for players to choose from. The first Closed Beta, which is going on right now till the 17th, will have 2 main towns, 30 instances, 86 quests and with the PvP feature available for testing. The Arena and Rewards System will be opened over the next few beta tests.