Gameforge grabs new MMO at ChinaJoy 2010

It has been a rather quiet ChinaJoy 2010 with regards to new games being brought over to the English market (the biggest news so far was the unexpected revealing of Mabinogi Heroes China), so it was quite relieving to know at least one English publisher has signed on for a MMO at the annual event. Gameforge, a European publisher for both online client and browser-based MMOs, has signed the Europe publishing rights for (loosely translated) Mercenary World Online, developed by China studio, Linekong. Do note that there might be a chance there will be no English servers but something like German, Spanish servers etc… Which I hope is not the case,

Above: CEOs of both Linekong and Gameforge seal the deal at ChinaJoy 2010

Here is a brief description of the game. Players will get to choose from at least 9 playable classes/characters (3 of them are still not playable) and choose between 3 warring nations. The 6 classes which are up include Gladiator (2 handed-sword), Demon Knight (magic + melee), Beast Warrior, Mage, Priest and Demon (actually a dark mage).

At its core, Mercenary World will no doubt be an online game in the veins of Mythos, Torchlight, Diablo and even Battle of the Immortals. The more unique feature of the game, formation system, lets players set up various formations and gain several kinds of boost when fighting.

Gameforge and Linekong aims to set the first European beta by 2010. Let’s hope ChinaJoy, which ends in a few days, will have more information leaked out with regards to new games for the English gamers!