Wemade buys over Silkroad Online developer

Just 2 days back, Wemade signed an agreement to buy over Joymax CEO’s and 3 other important board members’ shares, which is around 25.8%. With this, Wemade has taken control of a company best known for its multi-language MMO hit, Silkroad Online. With this, Wemade hopes to increase its development power (Wemade is a developer + publisher themselves) and make a bigger impact on the MMO market. This will also allow Wemade to hit international markets with their future games, riding on Silkroad Online’s international success. Wemade has also entered the English MMO market with their own MMO portal a few months back. According to reports, Joymax is currently still developing Silkroad Online 2.

The whole purchasing process will be over once the official contract is signed on 2nd July 2010.