Project C – Mysterious online game now known as X.A.O.C

Project C, created by Taiwanese developer Winking Entertainment and revealed sometime back, has officially changed its name to XAOC. And no, there is no explanation of the game name after a brief search, so I have no idea what it means for now.

The game will be shown at this year’s E3 convention, among many other Asia MMO companies which will be displaying their titles in a bid to crack into the English market. Below is the official English description of the game (I edited some broken English).

XAOC screenshot

XAOC, a next generation MMORPG with the theme based on “Judgment Day”. As Judgment Day is arriving, only those who understand the power of “Philosophy” will survive. Humans, demons and even gods will not be spare from the events of Judgment Day.

Time and space will turn in Chaos. Take your weapons and find the path which will bring you towards redemption. Unless you attain the power of “Philosophy” first, if not the same fate will be cast upon you.

XAOC screenshot

Ok, the introduction is quite a bit off, but you get what the game’s background story is about. There will be 4 camps with multiple professions available, a “dual” character growth system and a crystal combination system for equipment.

With the heavy fantasy orient theme, there will also be douses of western culture found in the game. In some screenshots, you can even see mechanical robots! The developers mentioned that since Judgment Day is approaching, players will be amazed at the many weird and colorful characters they will be seeing throughout the game.

XAOC screenshot

These are just the news for now, Winking has promised a new trailer during this year’s E3 (in a few weeks). The trailer shown below is actually from last year, when the game is still in its early development stage.