[E3 2010] X.A.O.C – New game trailer revealed for E3 2010

E3 is starting in less than 2days’ time, and this year’s convention will have 3 primary focus: Motion sensor gadgets, 3D gaming the the surprise attraction, MMOs. As far as I remembered, E3 has always been “the” convention to showcase console games.


In recent years of course, the landscape has definitely changed. From what I read, there will be around 10 Taiwanese developers showcasing their various MMO titles. There will also be MMO developers from Korea, Japan and China representing the Asia contingent .

XAOC screenshot

XAOC, originally known as Project C, is developed by Taiwanese studio, Winking. The game has a really unique storyline and setting to boot. The last trailer revealed was back in 2009, and at this year’s E3, a new trailer was promised.

Well, that particular trailer came early! Not much more is shown in the trailer (did I see a female character attacking with dual pistols wile having a giant blade on her back?), but I got wind of something very, very special about the game. Read on below to find out more.

XAOC screenshot

Just when I thought that MMO developers have run out of ideas to incorporate technology into their works, Winking has actually went ahead. Pardon me if I am wrong, for the first time ever, certain elements in XAOC will respond to voices you speak through headsets, or the mic.

According to foreign reports, players will be able to creep up behind certain mobs, and with a shout through the mic, scare the target and a chance to stun it, giving players time to attack it. This “sound wave system” can also be used to interact with NPCs and also give commands to pets.

XAOC screenshot