The Heaven of Three Kingdoms – Closed Beta announced

The Heaven of Three Kingdoms logo 3
Heaven Of Three Kingdoms, developed by T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft’s latest MMORPG, has been confirmed to go into its first Closed Beta on 15th January till 21st January. For this Closed Beta, some features which will be tested are the mounted battle system, hero title system, experience settings and various equipment testings. There is also a new system which will be tested, roughly translated as the “wild dream” system, not very sure what it is though.

Hanbitsoft boasted that its ingame reward system will reward players accordingly for various feats achieved, giving players a sense of achievement instead of plain playing without any motivation. Players, using experience points, can also use it to trade for various items with other players. Even if the 3 Kingdoms are at war, there will be a trade system where items from different kingdoms can be brought across borders to be traded.