Argo, billed as a hybrid MMORPG, is developed by the the team from Mgame which made Scions of Fate, or originally known as Yulgang Online. After a few months of teasers, the official website has finally been opened. The game has a mixture of magic and technology elements, something similar to Neosteam Online. Argo is actually the name of a time traveling spacecraft, which landed on a war torn and polluted Earth.

Players can choose between 2 races, the Noblians (humans) or Floresslah (mutants). Both races are at war over Earth’s most powerful mineral, Earthdium. Earthdium has many uses, from boosting characters to enhancing equipments etc.

Noblian classes (left to right): Alchemist, Medic, Cavalier and Bounty Hunter

Floresslah classes (left to right): Assassin, Guardian, Animist and Mage

Here is how the interface will look like from the early phase of the game. Did I see a Pet shortcut ? 😀

Here is the sneak trailer released some time back with some ingame footage.

Edit: Beta testing is slated somewhere in October.