Welcome to MMO ☆ Culture

Hello people,

Welcome to my newly revamped MMO blog. Like the previous, this will still be a small blog, and I will try to post whenever I can. As you can see, I made several changes to the blog, including a new layout and easier-to-use comment method. A few more widgets will be added over time. So, please feel free to comment on any posts.

Why MMO Culture? Since I am translating most of the news, I think of it as a cultural exchange somehow, as in gaming is a universal culture, almost everyone with a PC games, and I’m here to break the language barrier. And it sounds cool too (my standards are low).

Please drop me a comment in this post or in the Shoutbox if you find any missing pictures or broken links etc and I will address the issue ASAP.

Here are some minor details:

1. Every news in this blog is sourced from other Chinese/Korean/English websites.

2. I like to keep my posts short on words and post more relevant pictures.

3. I seldom do game reviews, I believe everyone should try the games they are interested in.

4. Everyone is free to use the pictures here, just link the source back here.

5. I don’t usually post much about English games without Asian origins since it will be posted on every other MMO sites, unless I’m doing a review about it.

Thank you for viewing this blog, and I hope you guys enjoy looking and reading my posts.