Dragon Nest

Seems like Dragon Nest will be Nexon North America (NA)’s big MMORPG for the year 2010. I just read that the game will be presented at this year’s PAX (Penny Arcade Exp), from 4th to 6th September, along with Dungeon Fighter and Combat Arms. I seriously thought Mabinogi Heroes will be the next Nexon NA MMORPG instead of Dragon Nest.

Official English website: Not available currently, to be hosted by Nexon NA

There will be 4 classes available in the game, mainly the Cleric, Warrior, Archer and Sorceress. Classes will be gender locked from what I have seen so far (Korean server is still in Beta).

In short, Dragon Nest is a action oriented MMORPG, almost similar to TERA. However, it is closer to Dragonica in terms of overall gameplay due to the various instances, or mission maps in Dragonica. Players enter these dungeons as a group, and rewards are given according to how they fare.

Here are some screenshots from the Korean Beta, most of them, however, seem to be in low quality graphics. Perhaps the game is just too laggy judging from the amount of people in town.

Here’s a HD video of the actual gameplay: