TAAN Online

Here’s a small paragraph from the official announcement:

TAAN is a casual, turn-based action shooting game. Gamers can choose from an array of customizable characters and weapon types. Teaming up with friends, they can aim and shoot at the opposing players by controlling the angle and distance of their shots. With other fun features like “Power-Ups” and a “Ghost Mode”, TAAN is an enticing and fun to play game that will appeal to a wide gamut of users.

Official English website: Currently unavailable, will be hosted by SEA publisher, Asiasoft

To add on, TAAN is a casual MMO developed by Electronic Art (EA)’s Korean studio, J2M studio. If you have missed out on previous reports, EA is slowly making a push in the F2P MMO market.

The game plays like the hit MMO, Gunbound, except that players won’t be riding any bots, but will be as themselves.

The cash shop is mostly cosmetic based, and there are quite alot of items available.

Here are some screenshots from the Korean and Vietnamese version:

Update: New gameplay video.