The King of Fighters Online – Seeing double

According to reports, a 2nd KOF Online game is in the making. Let us take a look at the 2 announced MMOs for this long-standing fighting series.

Developed by Korean studio, Dragonfly, The King of Fighters Online is scheduled to hit beta in Korea somewhere in 2010. It is billed as an action MMORPG, with simple controls and interface. There will be various community functions, leveling system for characters and enchanced stylish attacks. Nothing else is known currently, but it looks like a pretty straightforward game.

Let’s take a look at the recently announced 2nd The King of Fighters MMO, currently known as The King of Fighters World.

Late July 2009, it was reported that SNDA, one of the biggest MMO publisher in China and Aion’s publisher in the country, has signed a contract with SNK for the development of KOF World, a new hybrid of action and old school RPG elements. The foundation for this game will supposedly be based on King of Fighters 12, which garnered much negative reviews on the consoles.

SNDA CEO, Li Yu, commented that KOF has a rich 15years history as the top fighting game, and he is pleased to work with SNK to inject RPG elements into the game. Working as a team, he is confident that KOF World will be a very interesting MMORPG.