Tree of Savior – IMC assures mobile version not affecting PC MMORPG

With the Taiwanese server of Tree of Savior on the horizon of its launch, publisher X2Game (under OMG) sent a group of lucky fans to the office of South Korean developer IMC Games to have a tour and chat with the “Father of Ragnarok Online”, Mr Hakkyu Kim. It was revealed that Rank 9 classes are in the works, but it will arrive slower to fix bugs and maintain the game’s stability.


Addressing the concerns of the Taiwanese players with regards to the mobile version of Tree of Savior affecting the development of the PC MMORPG, Mr Hakkyu Kim assured that the mobile game is developed by a “different development team” and nothing is affected. It is unknown if the “different development team” is an internal one, or an external team under publisher Nexon.



  1. Of course wont affect pc version because its already shit. What’s the point to fix it ? Just let it be and focus on mobile version – imc logic

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