Revelation Online – Details about massive guild feature revealed

[Register now] Global publisher and developer NetEase began the first round for players to test the Closed Beta last Thursday for its Asian fantasy MMORPG, Revelation Online. Tens of thousands of people connected to the game, and Revelation Online has strongly emphasized the role guilds play in the community. More details about the guild system was revealed earlier today.


Upon hitting level 20, guilds can be formed and leaders can register the name of the guild, as well as its motto and coat of arms to design the guild banner. Guilds can expand their own base, claim resources, and combat bonuses. Guilds can fight for strongholds or go on dragon slaying adventures in the seamless open world of Nuanor. Register now for a chance to enter the Closed Beta!

revelation-online-guild-screenshot-1 revelation-online-guild-screenshot-2