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Sword Art Online: World’s End – Game launches in Japan

Delayed for several months, Sword Art Online: World’s End, finally launched in Japan under the GREE mobile platform at the end of February. The game has no flashy 3D graphics, and it is based mostly on 2D images and minimal animations.

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

Rather than playing famous characters such as Kirito or Asuna from the anime, players are to create their own unique characters, and equip them as they grow. I must say the variety of gears looks plentiful, as seen in the screenshot below. Like most RPGs out there, leveling, wearing better gears and upgrading them are keys to progression.

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

Players will get to conquer the tower seen in the anime, fighting through the many levels. Not just small soldiers, each level is also guarded by a powerful boss, accompanied with awesome loot drops

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

There are open field fights as well. Parties are capped at 3 players, and players may collect cards of in-game characters to add to their party, even Kirito! At lower levels, these famous characters may just suddenly fill in if there is an empty slot to aid players.

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

Different characters will have different star values, and this can only be increased when the player levels up more. I am not really sure on how the more powerful characters can be collected, though.

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

As you would have expect, there are several side quests available, making the game not just about rushing the tower levels. Sword Art Online: World’s End is only available in Japan now, with no word of an overseas launch.

Sword Art Online: World's End screenshot

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Aforice Af

closers online > this one.

Nicholas Mansfield

If this doesn’t come out in the US, I may scream.

Nicole Bermejo

I hope I can play this game too, In my country or just in the Internet.
I hope you can launch this game too in my country (Philippines) or just in the Internet, I love this game, I love this show SAO (Sword Art Online).
I hope you can read my message. And please if you do e-mail me immediately.
Thank you very much for your kindness.

Nicholas Arvin

i want play this game

Michael Angeloz

Man… So jealous of those who are in japan. I’ve always waited for the game since that I really love the animation. Too bad that it’s only available in japan… I hope it will be available in here soon (Indonesia). I really crave for this game. I agree with Nicole Bermejo. Hahaha Thanks.

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